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an idea that addresses many different needs


During the first year of Covid 19, the real estate market in Nova Scotia exploded. It was clear that there was a need for professional agents with local expertise that you could work with virtually, and trust with (possibly) your biggest investment.

It’s one thing to have a friend pass along a name, it’s another to work with somebody local who knows the market, the neighbourhoods, restaurants and shops, and development projects on the horizon.

At its essence, Halitopia is an extensive, high-quality referral network you tap into for free.


for local business in Nova Scotia

Halitopia advocates for local business in Nova Scotia as they are the backbone of our economy. Our social media is designed to attract you by showcasing unique businesses in Nova Scotia. If you live outside of Nova Scotia and are considering relocating here, we believe it is valuable to show you the diverse entertainment/restaurant scene, local adventure opportunities, and world class tourist attractions that are right here waiting for you. Perhaps you would like to hear about development projects on the horizon that are related to your profession? We pride ourselves in giving you information you can use the moment you arrive in Nova Scotia. Even if you live here now, there may be something you didn’t know about that we have brought to your attention. 

an idea that addresses many different needs


We will be profiling relatively new local businesses and established businesses via social media features across all of our platforms. These features will highlight their products and/or services with the intention to drive more business to them.   It’s a WIN/WIN!

Nova Scotia local businesses are special as they have a distinctly unique Maritime character.  A true representation of  “Haligonians” can be felt deep within the culture of the local business scene.

On the horizon, we are also planning on providing discounts for you from merchants that you can take advantage of during and after your real estate transaction.   From moving company rebates to legal transaction discounts, we will make your move as cost-effective as possible.

Interested in joining our network of agents? Send us a message and let us know what you specialize in 😊 
Halitopia is a completely free service to help you find your perfect Nova Scotia real estate agent